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2016 Preparation for Brotherhood Program

Dear Brother:


The Preparation for Brotherhood (P4B) pledge program is our Fraternity's marquee educational program of this biennium. It was launched at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop this past summer and is being implemented in every Sigma Chi chapter throughout North America this fall. P4B is more important than ever today to help shape the course of our new undergraduates and to show that Sigma Chi is leading the Greek-letter world by championing our values and ensuring that we have a hazing-free experience for all of our new recruits. During Balfour LTW, my State of the Fraternity speech was devoted to the importance of P4B in today's challenging climate on college campuses whereby negative press swirls around Greek-letter life. You can view this presentation here.

The implementation of P4B is a monumental moment for Sigma Chi and a big step forward in our drive for a blended instructional approach that combines e-learning with in-person instruction and discussion. No program is more critical for our success. With P4B, every individual invited to join our Order will be guided along the right path of our core values. The program provides an opportunity for Sigma Chis to form an even stronger brotherhood one that is based on a shared experience that highlights the key components of what it means to be a Sigma Chi. This program is in total alignment with our values and will create members who we will be proud to call "brother."

The implementation of P4B is also critical because it proves to each of us and to those around us that the Greek-letter system, and the Fraternity in particular, accomplishes much good by making the world a better place to live through our enduring leadership. This program will ensure that our pledges are educated in a more uniform, comprehensive manner than ever before, learning about our history, traditions and values through experiential learning. Like our Ritual, our pledges will now be exposed to a universal experience, as each chapter will utilize the same program.

Furthermore, P4B illustrates that as Sigma Chis, we have rediscovered our roadmap to living our values and embraced our roots. Fully embracing the program and living our values will help us move away from all of the negative press and restore self-esteem and human dignity as inalienable rights for all our pledges.  

This program has been 15 years in the making, and it is the right thing to do now. There is no way forward without this universal pledge program, based on a values system that can be shared not only with our prospective new members and brothers, but also the institutions that host our chapters and the parents who support our members. I implore each and every one of you to embrace the Preparation for Brotherhood program.

Find it here. Find it now.



Michael A. Ursillo

BROWN 1978

69th Grand Consul

October 2016